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  • In Greek mythology, Etna is the goddess of the volcano of the same name in Sicily. She was considered a daughter of Uranus and Gaia. The dragon Typhon lived underneath the volcano and caused the destructive eruptions. Sicily, a land of volcanoes and grain, was the subject of argument between Hephaestus and Demeter, gods of fire and the harvest, respectively. Etna stepped in and arbitrated. She was sometimes thought of as the mother of the Palici.
  • Etna is the opening track from Altar, a collaborative drone doom album between Sunn O))) and Boris.
  • An etna is a device for heating liquids in a saucer of burning alcohol.
  • Etna was a Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway steam locomotive built in 1864


Is there really an article in fron of Etna? Wouldn't it be Mt. Etna?--dgd